Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cooperstown Brewing Company

Today I am going to give all of my readers a break from the usual whiskey talk and instead let everybody know what my favorite beer is.

As you can tell from the title it is made by Cooperstown Brewing Co. For all of you that don't know where that is, it is a little brewing company in upstate NY. If you are ever up that way make sure you stop in a little specialty beer store to pick some of this up. I personally fell in love with their stout and porter brews. Strikeout and Benchwarmer respectively. For those that aren't familiar with beer, stouts and porters would be dark and heavy beers. If you don't like heavy beers then this post is not for you, if you do, this is a must try. I like almost every stout I try, but strikeout has stood out as my favorite for a long time now. It has such a strong and rich flavor to it that I almost don't want to swallow it. I only do so that I can take a breath and let everybody in the room know how much I love it by making orgasmic screams while dry humping the garbage can. I find it very hard to properly describe this beers flavor. For a quick comparison, the Strikeout stout would be a much thicker, sweeter, and fuller Guiness. Seeing as Guiness is an Irish dry stout, this is expected. I just figured that would be a good guide for those of you that are used to drinking Guiness. v I'll keep this post short, I just wanted to tell my beer lovers to give this a try. I don't think I can describe it too well, so you guys will have to just give it a try.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday night special

It's Saturday night and I know all of my followers will be going out to have a little bit of fun and some whiskey of course. In the spirit of the weekly holiday I though that I would give you guys a Saturday night special. The special for this week is going to be a couple of drinking  games to kill the time. These games were used by me and my friends to either to prepare for a night out or to mess with someone who thought that they were a "heavy drinker" There are two versions of this game with slight variants to each, I will address both in this post. Oh, and there are no official names to these games that I know of. As far as I'm concerned they are original....ish. The first one has probably been done, but just not documented.

First, we have what I like to call the Basketball game. Don't worry you only have to watch basketball, not play it. The game is very simple and can be played with either whiskey, beer, or any other drink, but whiskey makes it the most fun. Obviously I with whiskey, as does my group of friends, but considering you're new, beer will be just fine. To start off with find a basketball game on T.V. or in our case accidentally stumble upon one while channel surfing and drinking whiskey. Second, Choose a team to be on. It was easy for me, considering we always had to watch Knicks games, I just chose the team that wasn't the Knicks. The scoring is simple. Each time the opposite team makes a shot you take a drink of whiskey. If they dunk or make a 3pt shot it's two drinks. Anyone who watches basketball will quickly realize that this adds up to about 40-50 drinks in a game, lower for you if the other guy's team is the Knicks. Seeing as we consider a third to a half a shot of whiskey as a drink this is going to be over 13 shots of whiskey pretty much every time. Unfortunately, the commercial breaks slow things down so we end up drinking during those as well; however, if 13 drinks sounds like a lot to you, then you don't have to do this. Well that's the basketball game, I'm not even sure if it's basketball season, if not I thought I could at least give you this game for future enjoyment.

The next game is really short and easy. It is also only for the strongest of wills. It's known as the baseball game. I will get right to the point with this game, you drink every time they switch camera angles. If you have never watched a baseball game like I haven't, this is a TON of drinking. You will be lucky to make it out of the first inning. If you do, don't make any plans because you will be hammered! That is if you're playing with whiskey, you may be able to make it longer with beer. This isn't so much of a game to play before you go out, but rather a game to end your night. Be careful with this game, I wouldn't suggest playing it if you can't finish the basketball game. Well that's the baseball game, probably the only way to watch baseball without killing yourself from the boredom. I'm sure you can play it tonight seeing as baseball season never seems to end.

I would like to hear any great games that you guys like to play. Post them or the name of them in the comments so I can look them up and give them a try.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Drinking songs

Well this post was supposed to be one about one of my favorite drinking songs with a video included, but I can't seem to find the song online anymore! I guess I will just have to give you the name and let you guys find it. Then maybe  you could post the link for me.

Anyway my favorite drinking song is Moonshiner as played by Bob Dylan. It's actually an old folk song, so there are a lot of covers, but I prefer the Bob Dylan version. I guess I like it because I had a friend that used to play it while we were drinking, but it's still a great drinking song regardless. As you probably already guessed it's just a song about some moonshiner that drinks all the time and hangs out in bars. Sounds like me, a match made in heaven I guess. I do like other drinking songs and am always looking for more so what are your favorite drinking songs? Post them in the comments so I can look for them while i drink a glass of whiskey.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what not to drink

I thought I would change it up this time and write about a whiskey that you should stay far, far away from. It's known as Chymes Canadian whiskey, but I know it as gasoline mixed with goat piss and horse semen. Yes I do know what all three of those taste like separately ;)

On a serious note, do stay away from this drink. I am a regular whiskey drinker and I can safely say that this is most certainly not whiskey. I think it tastes more like how isopropyl alcohol would taste. There is no flavor to this drink except pure alcohol. So you might be thinking that it tastes more like a cheap vodka? Wrong! I would suck down a whole bottle of Skol vodka before I touched this shit again. Oh, did I mention that you are guaranteed to get a hang over? You are! Don't bother making plans for the day after because you are going to spend it curled up in the fetal position in a dark closet hoping that the pain goes away. You will also be contemplating suicide during this time, so make sure that you lock up any guns, knives, and doors to high places. Maybe now you're thinking that this stuff can't be as bad as I am making it out to be and that you are going to try it just to be sure? Good luck buddy because I don't expect to hear from you after making the journey down that rough road. Most people call it the road to suicide. 5 star is the only "whiskey" that even compares to this garbage and I am pretty sure they stopped making 5 star. Probably because it's a biohazard. I'm surprised they they haven't done the same thing with Chymes because it's just as bad. I couldn't live with myself knowing that I make something so toxic for people to ingest. The monsters that brew Chymes must be trying to kill all of the people that buy it because it is not something that should be ingested by any living organism. On that note, I finished a whole handle of it. didn't want to let my $15 go to waste.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm back and have much to tell

I am finally back from my trip and have tried plenty of new whiskeys to write about. Because of my trip I haven't had any time to post so I will be making up for it full force in this coming week.

One of the whiskeys I just tried is Michter's American whiskey and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. I had never even heard of it up here, so I was skeptical, but after my first sip I knew I was going to have trouble not drinking the whole bottle. My next reviews will definitely be on this whiskey and will probably be followed by ones on Even Williams single barrel, Bulleit, Bookers, Sam Houston, and Russell's reserve. I had some others, but Russell's and Michter's were the two that stood out the most. Hope the rest of you were enjoying the crappy weather with plenty of good whiskey just like me.