Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm back and have much to tell

I am finally back from my trip and have tried plenty of new whiskeys to write about. Because of my trip I haven't had any time to post so I will be making up for it full force in this coming week.

One of the whiskeys I just tried is Michter's American whiskey and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. I had never even heard of it up here, so I was skeptical, but after my first sip I knew I was going to have trouble not drinking the whole bottle. My next reviews will definitely be on this whiskey and will probably be followed by ones on Even Williams single barrel, Bulleit, Bookers, Sam Houston, and Russell's reserve. I had some others, but Russell's and Michter's were the two that stood out the most. Hope the rest of you were enjoying the crappy weather with plenty of good whiskey just like me.


  1. 0.23 ya cheap bastard. Way to buy 0.01 cent books. Why learn perl, or do you already know html, css, and javascript.

  2. Hmm, looking forward to reading. But it definitely makes my stomach flip flop thinking about it. Whiskey has not been good to me the past few times I drank, lol.

  3. Welcome back. Looking forward to the review. I drink for inebriation, not for taste, but I still find your opinions interesting.