Monday, April 11, 2011

Rex Goliath

  Over my extended break I have done my fair share of whiskey drinking, but haven't really strayed away from the usual stuff. However, whie taking a stroll through my usual liqour superstore I noticed a bottle of wine that was advertising itself with a 47 pound cock. Amazed at my discovery of this bum wine I immediatly forced my friend to buy it. He is a cheap wine drinker so it wasn't all that hard to force him. Anyway we both weren't really expectiing it to be drinkable. We thought that its enourmous $8 privce tag for 1.5 liters was spent on the pretty label and giant rooster gimick(how many of you actually thought i was talking about a penis?). Amazingly  this wasn't the case and the cabbernet version was actually drinkable. It isn't by any means the best wine you can pick up, but if you're poor like me, it is a perfectly accceptable drink for the price tag. So for all of my whiskey drinking readers out there looking for something different, I say Give Rex Goliath a try.