Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long Island Ice Tea

This post is for all of the people out there that like a nice tasting, yet hard hitting drink. If you have never heard of a Long Island Ice Tea, don't worry, I hadn't either. Well I had heard about them, but never really knew what they were.

Before I go on with this post I want to issue a warning. Do not drink more than one of these your first time. With that said I will move on with the description.

A Long Island Ice Tea, if made properly, is a pint glass filed to the top with vodka, rum(white), tequila, and gin. As the glass is just about full, they dump in a splash of Triple Sec. Finally, just as the liquid reaches the brim, they put in a dash of cola, which pretty much just spills over the top of the glass. They shake it all up and everyone at the bar looks at you like you're insane. After watching it be prepared your first reaction is probably, "There is no way I can stomach this." However, after you start drinking it, you realize that it couldn't be easier to drink and is actually quite good. This is a problem and why I issued the warning. You also will not notice much of a buzz after you start drinking it and maybe even after you finish the drink. I assure you that it will catch up to you, so don't order any more! All of my warnings aside, this drink is fantastic. I usually hate to mix up my liquor, but this is a sure exception. It is by far the best mixed drink I have ever had and one that I will most certainly order next time I go to that bar. I suggest you do the same and make sure you ask them for the real Long Island Ice Tea. I have seen bars make very weak versions of the drink and they are ultimately disappointing by comparison. So do yourself a favor and grab yourself a real Long Island Ice Tea.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whishey chugs

Has anyone else noticed the insaine amount of whiskey chugging videos on youtube? some of them are the normal, chug a pint videos, but other people on there are really going for the gold and trying to finish a liter or more. I was poking around and noticed a few that seemed pretty real,usually drunk guys at a party, but then i stumbled across one where the guy was completely alone and trying to chug a liter of Canadian pisskey. I thought it was  hilarious and had to share it on my blog. The other videos usally had the person folding to peer pressure while a crowd cheered him to the bottom of the bottle, but not this hero. He is completely alone while he tries to choke down this bottle of whiskey. He starts gagging several times in the video, but that doesn't stop him. He knows he has his youtube fans to impress and continues on with the bottle without any moral support. My favorite part was at 2:15 where you think he is done after setting down the bottle, but he picks it right back up for one last hoorah. +1 for this trooper.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rex Goliath

  Over my extended break I have done my fair share of whiskey drinking, but haven't really strayed away from the usual stuff. However, whie taking a stroll through my usual liqour superstore I noticed a bottle of wine that was advertising itself with a 47 pound cock. Amazed at my discovery of this bum wine I immediatly forced my friend to buy it. He is a cheap wine drinker so it wasn't all that hard to force him. Anyway we both weren't really expectiing it to be drinkable. We thought that its enourmous $8 privce tag for 1.5 liters was spent on the pretty label and giant rooster gimick(how many of you actually thought i was talking about a penis?). Amazingly  this wasn't the case and the cabbernet version was actually drinkable. It isn't by any means the best wine you can pick up, but if you're poor like me, it is a perfectly accceptable drink for the price tag. So for all of my whiskey drinking readers out there looking for something different, I say Give Rex Goliath a try.